At Guilfoyle Financial, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional service.

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Business Owners & CEOs

“Andrew was introduced to my family initially when I was looking for competitive quotes on life insurance for my wife and children. He won that business and then proceeded to pitch a more comprehensive financial planning service to us including choosing a personal portfolio manager, family trust setup and tax and estate planning. He has lifted quite a load off of me which has allowed me to focus on my business.”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Blair over the last few years during which time he has assisted me with Life Insurance needs and is now managing some of our investment portfolio. Blair and Guilfoyle Financial have been a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Blair.”

“I've known Blair now for almost 10 years. He and his firm have been a trusted partner, both personally and professionally. We've enjoyed working with him and his team, as he is always up to date on the industry, and works hard to ensure the best products and services are presented. Moreover, I've enjoyed his positive and practical approach and would therefore highly recommend him.”

“Blair and his team have provided excellent advice and a very professional service to both myself personally and to my company. Blair consistently went above and beyond to ensure that we were knowledgeable about all of the products and services a growing family and company needs to protect against the risks that most people are uncomfortable to talk about but are critical to have in place. I have recommended Guilfoyle Financial to a number of friends and colleagues based on my positive experience with them.”

“Dear Mr. Guilfoyle:
I have had many opportunities to refer people to you when they were in need of financial advice.  All the feedback I have received from them has been very positive.” 

“I have had a professional relationship with Mr. Gerry Guilfoyle for over 20 years and have always valued his integrity, professionalism, knowledge and strong core values. He offers solid advice that is based on customer needs and ensures the price/value equation is satisfactory for his clients. I recommend anyone in search of financial advice to consider Guilfoyle Financial.”

“Dear Mr. Guilfoyle,

As we enter into our sixth year of business, we wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and thank you for the help that you have given us with respect to our insurance coverage for both disability and life. As business owners, one of the things that we often neglect is looking after our own personal risk and that of our families when we are often concentrating on the financial risks associated with the business. We also recognized the fact that, as a business owner yourself, we shared many similar scenarios that helped us decide on the best solutions for us.

We really felt like you were working for us to get us the best policies at the best rates and we are very comfortable with the decisions we made.

We would not hesitate to recommend you, or your firm, to anyone else looking to provide themselves with the peace of mind that a well thought out and proper insurance plan can provide.”

“My family and I have utilized the services of Gerry and Andrew Guilfoyle for many years and have found their advice to be excellent. Their knowledge and experience in the life insurance and fund investment fields is extensive and they provide invaluable service to the client in following up and monitoring their recommendations after implementation in the subsequent years. I and my wife would recommend them strongly.”

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Gerry Guilfoyle as my financial advisor for over 20 years. The addition of Andrew to the team has added a dynamic new dimension to Guilfoyle Financial. It is my pleasure to recommend Guilfoyle Financial to anyone who is looking for a financial planner that will be committed and focused on the success of your portfolio.”

“Andrew Guilfoyle did a thorough review of my financial affairs. He prepared a detailed plan to address my estate preservation against taxation and my plans to transfer shares of my private company to my two sons. Based on my satisfaction with his work on my situation, I referred Andrew to my most valued client and I understand that he was successful in assisting with their issues as well. I am pleased to recommend Andrew for advice on financial planning issues.”

“My father received great financial advice from Gerry Guilfoyle for many years, and now I’m getting great advice from Andrew Guilfoyle. Andrew provides very thoughtful, strategic financial recommendations that are clearly customized to my individual needs and goals. There are no crazy, risky moves. It all makes solid financial sense. Andrew can explain complicated matters in a simple, relevant and very friendly, enjoyable way. Most important, the financial results have exceeded our expectations.”

“One of the most arcane things business owners must do is to evaluate the need for life insurance and integrate it into their long-term financial plan. Andrew Guilfoyle was recommended to us at Amherst Group to assist with that process. Andrew patiently worked with our directors, family and existing financial advisors to help us choose a program that best suited our needs. He worked with us in a professional manner with little imposition and with no obligation. We trust Guilfoyle Financial to advise us well and look forward to including them in our future financial planning.”

"I have known Blair for over 20 years as a good friend, and in the last few years have had the pleasure of working with him, first as my insurance advisor and now as a financial advisor and planner for my family. Blair is an outstanding professional who takes great pride in his work and provides exceptional service. He is thorough, responsive and genuinely cares about the goals and well being of his clients. I have seen fantastic results as a result of working with Blair, and look forward to working with him for many years to come. I would certainly recommend him to others."

“Joe and his team provide what we would call "classical service": precise, thorough, professional, dignified, customer targeted service.  We believe that the cornerstone of a relationship with an insurance firm is trust -- we want to trust that if we became ill or died, that the right person would be dealing with our affairs.  That is the sort of trust Joe has with us, our company, and our family.”

“Joe has become a trusted friend and wonderful resource for my family and business for over 10 years. His attention to detail and his deeply caring approach have made navigating through our insurance needs very comfortable.”

“Joe, I want to thank you for always making yourself available when one needs to speak to you. May you and your family be blessed with health and happiness.”

“Joe, thank you for always doing the right thing for me and my family.”

“Blair and Joe like to refer to themselves as a "Personal CFO". While that is quite apt, it is selling short the work that the team at Guilfoyle does to ensure my financial interests are looked after and protected. Guilfoyle has ensured that both my family and business are protected with the appropriate insurance products, while solidifying themselves as trusted advisors helping to navigate the interconnected worlds of my business and personal finances.”

Private Equity Professionals

“My wife Merianne and I turned to Guilfoyle Financial for our family's insurance needs about the time our first child was born in 2004. Our key criteria in choosing an advisor included integrity, competence and service (which includes tailoring solutions for our family's evolving needs). Guilfoyle Financial has exceeded our expectations on these criteria – trusting Andrew and his team has been one of the best personal financial decisions we have made in what has turned out to be a rather turbulent economic and investment period.”

“Blair Guilfoyle offered thoughtful advice and analysis on JCM Solar Capital's key person insurance needs. It was a pleasure working with Guilfoyle Financial's professional team to put my policy into force.”

"I was introduced to Guilfoyle Financial by a trusted colleague. Prior to the birth of my first child I contacted Blair to set up a suitable life insurance package. Blair thoughtfully and efficiently presented me with the various options allowing me to make an informed decision. The process to establish my coverage was quick and required minimal effort. I take satisfaction that my family has an advocate with a vested interest should ever a need arise."

“When I left an established private equity firm to join newly-formed Ironbridge, I needed to replace my company-sponsored insurance benefits. Starting with disability coverage, Andrew helped my wife and I to build a comprehensive package covering life, critical illness and long-term care requirements that addressed our need to protect our growing family. I also turned to Andrew to place key person insurance for one of our portfolio companies, and I know that his personal attention to the details was appreciated by the CEO.”

"Great knowledge of what products are available, very efficient to work with handling as much of the process as possible, very un-salesy approach which I really appreciated."

"In my career, I have been on both sides of the table as an advisor and a client. In that time, I have met very few people that I consider exceptional advisors and even fewer that I would work with as a personal advisor. Blair is one of those exceptional people. Blair does all the fundamentals of being a good advisor outstandingly. He knows his industry and he executes flawlessly -- but to me, this is a bare minimum. What separates Blair from the rest is his ability to listen to my concerns, to ask thoughtful questions, to take the time to explain complicated issues, to tailor his thinking to my specific circumstance, and to proactively offer sound advice. Blair has helped me plan for the future and the security of my family, and in the process Blair has become a good friend. I couldn't thank him more for that."

"Blair is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend Blair to anyone seeking financial planning and insurance advice."

Investment Bankers

“I trust Blair Guilfoyle to look after my family’s life insurance needs. Blair is caring, sincere and professional, and will assist in getting the right policies at the best rates. I have known Blair for 15 years and would not hesitate to recommend him, or his firm, to anyone else looking to provide the right wealth protection plan for their family.”

“Blair Guilfoyle helped me get the appropriate life and critical illness insurance coverage to protect my family. I was quite happy with how easy all of the insurance stuff was to take care of. Blair’s expertise, detailed process, and strong relationships with underwriters ensure that you’re in the right hands. I have known Blair for 10 years and am happy to refer him.”

"My wife and I had our first child in 2010. It was an incredibly happy but busy time for us. With childbirth comes plenty of change and although we knew it was prudent to reexamine our insurance coverage it was not high on our list of priorities. Fortunately Blair was there to guide us through the process. He walked us through our options in a detailed but clear manner. He took the time to understand our needs and was more than happy to address our many questions. Blair's advice was thoughtful and tailored to our situation. His deep product knowledge and strategic outlook were indispensable. It is clear that Blair values his clients and friends alike. In my experience he operates with the utmost of integrity and confidentiality. He is a trusted advisor and I am proud to call him a friend. In the future I will look to Blair when seeking guidance on my financial and insurance needs."

“Blair took the time to understand our personal situation and family goals and make decisions on a complex product straightforward to think through.”

“Blair assisted me in implementing a tax-efficient strategy to both protect my family and to optimize our balance sheet. I'm pleased to recommend Guilfoyle Financial.”


“After the birth of our first child, we turned to Blair Guilfoyle to investigate our insurance options. Blair’s detailed analysis of our group and individual coverage allowed us to choose the right program to protect our family. Thank you for your professionalism, persistence, and patience.”

"Guilfoyle Financial invests considerable time to develop creative and customized financial solutions for each of their clients. They truly understand the value in building long-term relationships anchored in creating tangible "value". In addition, their technical knowledge, people skills and integrity are second to none - overall, an exceptional group of professionals in every respect!!"

“Before becoming a father, I asked Blair Guilfoyle to review my insurance options and to determine the best approach for my family. Blair astutely analyzed my group and individual coverage before suggesting an appropriate solution. I appreciate his professionalism and thoughtfulness.”

"Having known Blair for many years as a close friend, it was without hesitation that I turned to him for financial management and advice, and more recently, my family's insurance needs. An individual of great personal integrity, Blair has done an excellent job of balancing our friendship and professional relationship, always acting in a responsive, informed and professional manner. He strives to ensure that his advice is tailored to my personal circumstances and the needs/goals of my family and is proactive with suggestions, options and advice, often anticipating my questions before they are even asked. I trust Blair and Guilfoyle Financial implicitly and have referred their services to both friends and family, with consistently positive results."

"Having known Andrew and Blair for many years, I initially began working with them to secure insurance coverage for my family. Years later, I now rely on them not only for my insurance needs, but also for investment and wealth management planning purposes. I have always appreciated their informed and comprehensive approach, and I value the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my family's present and future needs are being regularly addressed."


“We approached Andrew following a referral from our accountant and it is a decision that we have never regretted. Andrew performed a detailed analysis of where we stood with respect to our insurance needs and coverage, and thereafter assisted us in implementing a plan to maximize risk protection and tax efficiencies. Andrew also introduced us (and continues to do so) to other experts who have helped us perfect our financial and estate planning. We have been continually impressed by the service, expertise and professionalism of Andrew and his team. We would whole-heartedly recommend Guilfoyle Financial to anyone looking for smart, prudent, and personable financial advisors who also practise what they preach.”

“I have known Blair for nearly 20 years as a friend, teammate and, more recently, financial and insurance advisor. I feel fortunate that I can trust Blair and his team to make the right decisions for my business and family. He is a person of integrity, professionalism and honesty. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is looking for the best in wealth management.”

“Mr. Gerry Guilfoyle has cared for my insurance needs since 1970. I was delighted that someone caring and knowledgeable was available to advise me. When his son Andrew joined his Company they assumed responsibility for my financial portfolio. Together they have provided my family and me with sound, and intelligent financial advice. I have no hesitation recommending Gerry and Andrew to anyone seeking financial guidance.”

“Gerry Guilfoyle has been my financial and insurance advisor for over 25 years.

Gerry, now happily joined by his son Andrew, has provided my children and myself with professional advice, expertise and support in the most kind, friendly and encouraging way. He takes time to explain financial concepts clearly and make sure I understand the implications of all decisions taken, and provides a welcome cup of tea.

Gerry’s wise and carefully weighed advice is based on long experience and on a thorough understanding of his client’s financial and life situation and needs.

I feel most fortunate to have Gerry and Andrew to turn to for advice and hope to continue our relationship for at least another 25!”

“Thank you Blair for providing me with many options and a comprehensive solution for my insurance needs. You were very informative and allowed and aided me to make the best decision for me and my family. ”

“The attention to client’s needs and the care brought to that attention is what truly sets the team at Guilfoyle Financial apart. We have felt like our best interests were front and center in all of our interactions with Blair and his colleagues.”


“I appreciated Andrew's common sense and laid back approach. He made it easy to see what I was looking to accomplish over the long term.”

“The Guilfoyle family are a friendly, highly knowledgeable, dedicated unit that considers the needs of their clients and present the right product. My family and I will continue to use them whenever another need arises.”

“I trust Blair and the Guilfoyle Financial Team to look after my family's insurance needs. After looking at our situation, they provided thoughtful recommendations based on thorough analysis and took care of us from start to finish.”

“I have, for many years, worked with Joe to ensure that our mutual clients' insurances and related matters are dealt with to the best advantage. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, attentive and a pleasure to work with.”


“My family and I have used financial planning services for many years, and have had experience with large investment firms. We found that what was most important to us was that we really wanted a financial planning partner, rather than simply a financial advisor. 

Guilfoyle Financial has developed a comprehensive financial plan for me and my family, and the plan has performed well. Andrew Guilfoyle has taken the time to learn about us, our goals and priorities, and our service level expectations; he has a way of making you feel that you are his most important client. 

Lastly, we respect that Guilfoyle Financial donates a portion of its revenue to charitable organizations.  We know we made the right choice when we invited Andrew to partner with us and ensure that we achieve our life goals."

“We couldn't say enough good things about our experience with Andrew at Guilfoyle Financial -- other brokers we've dealt with just can't compare. He was really proactive and identified a number of insurance opportunities for us -- but balanced that well with letting us make the decisions ourselves and on our own timelines. His background and personal experiences also allowed him to ask the right questions, to understand our objectives, and to make insurance recommendations in the context of our complete financial picture. We've recommended Guilfoyle Financial to a number of friends over the past year based on our experience with them."

“Blair Guilfoyle assisted me in implementing a life insurance strategy to protect my family. I value Guilfoyle Financial's independence and professionalism. I would happily recommend Blair and his team.”

“My wife Sophie and I have been very satisfied clients of Andrew for 4-5 years now. He is attentive, responsive and a very good listener. Mostly though, he uses those attributes to translate our personal financial objectives into a thorough and comprehensive plan that delivers results! We would happily recommend Andrew and Guilfoyle Financial to others looking to solidify their financial future.”

“Blair has been an outstanding advisor to our family over the last few years. He focused on fully understanding our financial situation and goals before recommending products, and proactively brought up options we had not yet considered. Blair also made the purchase process straightforward and easy to understand and go through -- not an easy task for many financial products! In addition, Blair has been able to offer sound financial advice in areas beyond our current relationship with Guilfoyle Financial. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blair or Guilfoyle Financial.”

“We have been working with Guilfoyle Financial for over 4 years now. We are completely satisfied with the level of service we are receiving. The entire team is totally focused on client satisfaction.”

“We have been with Guilfoyle Financial for the past 7 years, receiving services from Blair for financial planning and insurance. Blair has always taken great care to learn about our goals and our needs, and he always takes the time to answer all our questions. His knowledge and service have helped us to plan through owning our first home, our first child, a second child, and providing for the future. We know him to be a personable, knowledgeable and professional individual. I cannot express the peace of mind that has come from having the services of Guilfoyle Financial, both for the financial planning aspect and insurance coverage. Exceptional service. Would definitely recommend.”

“Blair and the Guilfoyle Financial team are professional and knowledgeable. They have earned my trust and I am pleased to recommend their services.”

“Joe, I've always enjoyed the personal interest, the personal connection and of course, your business and professional acumen.”

“Exceptional personal and thoughtful service concerning life changing choices. Thank you for being so professional.”

Politicians & Journalists

“Gerry and Andrew are truly caring, sincere and professional advisors. I highly recommend Guilfoyle Financial to anyone who is looking for expert financial advice for themselves and their family.”

“In the early 80s I had just graduated from university and had begun working full-time. My father - as fathers do - figured it was time for me to start investing in a RSP and he suggested that I go with one of his “guys”, Gerry Guilfoyle. Well, that relationship continued while my money grew. More than 20 years later I am still with a “Guilfoyle”, only this time I am working with Andrew. Their advice has been valuable to me as has their support through the years. I completely trust their judgment. And I’m pleased that a recommendation made so many years ago by my father has continued in this positive way - both financially and professionally.”

“Dear Mr. Guilfoyle,
I write to tell you how satisfied I have been with the services that you have provided with regard to my life insurance. You and your office have been professional, courteous, and attentive in all your dealings with me and for that I write to thank you.”

“In 1980, my father, Eric Wighton, a Chartered Accountant, firmly suggested my husband to be, Michael Aldridge and I get life insurance. As my father had policies for himself, my mother, Carol Wighton, and all three of his children, he arranged for us (about to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary), to open up policies with Standard Life. 1980 was also the year that I competed in the Olympics representing Canada in the dance event. Thank you for your years of service.”

Philanthropists, Volunteers, & Retirees

“Our sincere thanks for the way you look after us. It is greatly appreciated.”

“Joe, I wish to thank you for your support and professionalism during this process. The claim's person from RBC told me what a wonderful broker I have and I totally agreed with her! Thank you again for all of your assistance with my policy.”

“It is always such a pleasure dealing with Joe. As well as being such a lovely gentleman he has made all of our insurance dealings over the years as easy as possible.”